The Romanov Empress Audiobook by C. W. Gortner

The Romanov Empress Audiobook Free Download
The Romanov Empress Audiobook Free Download

A wonderful story of a Danish princess takes us to the world of the kings and queens where the princesses usually sacrifice their lives not by dying but by accepting marriage proposal which they don’t like. Such marriages were done in order to save the crown of their fathers and mothers and for strengthening their country by making allays through marriage bonds.

This one is also the same kind of tale which is wonderfully woven by C.W Gortner and nicely narrated by Katharine McEwan, the novel also possesses an association with the books like and The Confessions of Catherine de Medici that share the same era and almost the same circumstances that the main characters face. The story opens when Minnie is hardly nineteen years of age but soon she is going to marry like her elder sister for the sake of the crown.

Minnie’s fate takes her to Russia where she marries the one who was supposed to be a threat of the crown of her father.  Minnie who is called Maria after her marriage faces yet another difficulty in life and that is the early death of his husband after whom her son Nicholas becomes a young king who proves to be weak in the affairs of the state, as she tries to guide the youth in the art of ruling another enemy emerges on the scene in the form of Nicholas’ wife Alexandra who opposes everything that Maria does for the state.

Thus the novel tells us about a tough struggle of a woman who never accepts defeat and faces all the tough situations of her life in a strong way. She also takes Russia to the modern era and bears the effects of the First World War as well.

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Narrated by: Katharine Lee McEwan
Length: 17 hrs and 49 mins
Categories: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction

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