The Shadow Rising Audiobook Free by Robert Jordan

The Shadow Rising Audiobook free download - The Wheel of Time 4
The Shadow Rising Audiobook free download – The Wheel of Time 4

About author

Born in 1948 the author of this book, James Oliver Rigney Jr. is mostly known by his pen name, Robert Jordan. He chose his path as a fantasy author. Not only he was a fantasy author but a little time of his life was also filled with some fantasy and action.

From 1968 till 1970, with the US army, he served in Vietnam as a helicopter gunner. Robert Jordan was a graduate in physics but followed his passion for becoming a novelist.

Most notable of his works are the wheels of time audiobook which comprises of 14 books and also includes a prequel novel. The shadow rising audiobook free is the fourth one in his series, the wheels of time audiobook.

Why Narration/audio?

The shadow rising audiobook free is narrated by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. The audiobook is 40 hours and 31 minutes long.

When a book is converted into audio, it becomes really easy for literature lovers who are busy in their ongoing life but also don’t want to abandon their passion for literature. This audiobook makes sure you don’t miss out any part of it. Driving? Cooking? Or busy with any other work which needs physical labor? You can now listen to the audiobooks even when doing all these tasks.

The most important benefit of audiobooks is how they facilitate people with really weak eyesight or those who can’t read at all. The whole audiobook project is in fact very inclusive.

The plot of the shadow rising audiobook

This audiobook as mentioned earlier is the fourth book in series the wheels of time audiobook. The whole series is basically based on Asian and European mythology and on the concept of light (pure) and dark (evil) balance in the world. The wheels of time audiobook were somehow inspired by War and Peace of Leo Tolstoy.

The shadow rising audiobook is the longest one in its series containing a total of 56 chapters but the first audiobook in the series without a prologue. The audiobook starts with the boy named Rand al’Thor claiming the crystal sword called, Callandor which helps him to prove himself the dragon reborn. There is a fortress “Stone of tear” which is stormed by Trollocs and Fades while Rand is approached by Lanfear.  The Trollocs and Fades were sent by the forsaken Sammael. The third one named, Semihage sends her forces for the defense of fortress. And to protect the fortress Rand uses his Callandor which creates a lightning storm killing both the Fades and Trollocs. There are four group characters with four plotlines in the shadow rising audiobook free, namely:

  1. Aeil Waste.
  2. Two rivers.
  3. Tanchico in Tarabon.
  4. White tower.

Opinion about the audiobook

The whole audiobook doesn’t revolve around Rand which is great because if it did, the audiobook could then be termed as the most boring book. It involves many other characters which keep you hooked to the audiobook. But it must be noted that thing in the shadow rising audiobook free starts to slow down.

Robert Jordan in this book explains almost everything except the parts where plot twist actually takes place. The most interesting part of this audiobook is how it focuses on the secondary characters named, Siuan Sanche and Egeanin. One can find their stories really amazing and can be easily hooked to the audiobook because of them.

Download and listen

You can download and listen full free to The Shadow Rising Audiobook – The wheel of time Book 4, by Robert Jordan here:


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