The Shannara Audiobook
The Shannara Audiobook

If you are looking for adventure Terry Brooks has presented and epic one with a lot of magic in it. The Shannara Audiobook series tells us about the nuclear war that has destroyed everything that was known by the mankind and the human race now is in its primitive era once again learning the ways to use science for a useful purpose and again they also show inclination towards the field of magic.

The writer has created several other books like this one that can be read along with this one if someone is interested in Terry Brooks works he must read his audiobooks like  Street Freaks – Terry Brooks, Terry Brooks – The Skaar Invasion,  The Fall of Shannara (Unabridged) – Terry Brooks.

The current series is narrated by several narrators at the same time but still the narration is good and blends nicely with the story all the way to the end of the series. The four lands that are portrayed in the story resembles the lands present on the mother Earth but they are in a bit deformed shape because of the atomic explosion still things like the Columbia River remains that provide a hint of the past. The lands are not named instead they are named according to their directions as Northland, Eastland, Southland and Westland.

These names according to the direction also help us to understand which areas of the world the writer is trying to hint. This time however the creatures that are living in these four lands are not human beings they are elves, dwarves, gnomes and trolls. They whole trilogy is no doubt well told and it is like a one compact unit you cannot understand the concept until you read the whole thing. 

#1. The Word and The Void 1,2,3

The Word and Void series is a trilogy of dark, urban fantasy audiobooks primarily set in Illinois in the late 20th and early 21st century. The series focuses on John Ross and Nest Freemark, forced acquaintances who use magic given to them from the Word (the embodiment of good in the world) to prevent mankind from being overcome by the demonic forces of the Void. Includes:

  1. Running with the Demon Audiobook
  2. A Knight of the Word Audiobook
  3. Angel Fire East Audiobook

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#2 – Genesis of Shannara 1,2,3

The Genesis of Shannara is the title of a series of audiobooks written by Terry Brooks. The first book, Armageddon’s Children.

These audiobooks bridge the Word/Void trilogy with the Shannara series, two other of Brooks’ productions. They cover events during The Great Wars, which are alluded to often in the Shannara series.


  1. Armageddon’s Children Audiobook
  2. The Elves of Cintra Audiobook
  3. The Gypsy Morph Audiobook

#3 – Legends of Shannara Audiobook


  1. Bearers of the Black Staff Audiobook
  2. The Measure of the Magic Audiobook

#4 – The Dark Legacy of Shannara


  1. Wards of Faerie Audiobook
  2. The Bloodfire Quest Audiobook
  3. Witch Wraith Audiobook

#5 – The Original Shannara Trilogy

  1. The Sword of Shannara Audiobook
  2. The Elfstones of Shannara Audiobook
  3. The Wishsong of Shannara Audiobook

#6 – Short Stories

#7 – The Heritage of Shannara


  1. The Scions of Shannara Audiobook
  2. The Druid of Shannara Audiobook
  3. The Elf Queen of Shannara Audiobook
  4. The Talismans of Shannara Audiobook

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