The Starling Project Audiobook by Jeffery Deaver

The Starling Project Audiobook Free Download
The Starling Project Audiobook Free Download

This is the third part of the suspense series by Jeffery Deaver, at this part, the trilogy finally gets its full shape. All three parts are surely a joy for the lovers of suspense that is in plenty throughout and is of serious nature so there is nothing funny in the series once you start listening to it.

The story starts with the dealings of the arms and also several questions that are answered in the later stage of the novel, questions like the purpose of the arms dealing and who is behind all this and what is his agenda. The mastermind is Starling that’s all we are told at the start of the story that makes us curious about his personality and we try to join the pieces of the story together in order to reveal the true identity of Starling along with his secret motives that could affect from Mexico to Washington and from London to Prague.

There are also hints of serious war crimes that are planned against almost all the important states of the world.  The famous investigator Harold Middleton and his crew are once again assigned almost impossible tasks for which this time they volunteer as the lives of millions are at stake throughout the world thus it is surely a job worth risking your life for.

The narration of Alfred Molina, the full cast has surely added more thrill to this wonderful thriller that takes us into different cultures and civilizations and we come to know that war is not accepted by anyone in the world even by those people whom we consider a threat for the mankind.

and are more novels that no one misses out while listening to the suspense and thrillers.

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