The Two Towers Audiobook Free

The Two Towers Audiobook free download - Lord of the rings #2
The Two Towers Audiobook free download – Lord of the rings #2

The second part of the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings Audiobook series is The Two Towers. Basically, it is based on the great war of the fictitious characters. The reason for the war was due to the rings. Rings were enchanted, you can say. It is a fantasy based novel and movie, too. The first of the trilogy was The Fellowship of the Rings, and the last of the trilogy is The Return of the King. This part is continuing the plot of the previous part.

This novel is based on three stories to be exact. If you want to read it, you can as you will be thrilled. But, if you want to get a lot better experience of this part of the trilogy, you can also use The Two Towers audiobook free as well. This is due to the reason; you will be able to hear the story in other words along with awesome sound effects and the amazing variety of voices in different situations of the novel.


The Two Towers received a positive response from its audience. There is a great fan following of this novel and as well as of its movie. The audience thinks of it as one of the best novel and movie of all times. Many people like to listen to the audiobook of it as well. Especially, those who are more comfortable to hear it in audio instead of reading it. These audio listeners liked it a lot as well. This is due to the reason that they are able to enjoy the amazing sound effects by listening to it in the audio form. Also, a person can also get the experience of a variety of voices according to the plot of the story in different situations. This is only possible if a person is using The Two Towers audiobook free to enjoy it and get a wonderful experience of the story.

The Narrator

Rob Inglis is the amazing narrator of The Two Towers audiobook free. Rob Inglis, also known as Robert Inglis is quite famous in the world of narrators as he is not only the narrator of The Two Towers. But, he is also the narrator of the other trilogies of The Lord of the Rings along with some other novels and movies such as The Hobbit and Unabridged. He is also a producer, critic, an actor, writer and along with this, he is also a journalist. And the audience liked his work a lot.


The amazing author of this amazing fiction novel and movie is J. R. R. Tolkien’s. He is created quite a plot in this novel that revolves around the three stories in this second part of the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings. The audience is quite in love with his work. Also, those who are audio listeners liked his work a lot. This is due to the reason that when a great story combines with a great narrator and amazing sound effects as well as different voices, a person is bound to fall in love with the story and liked it, too. This is quite good for those who do not like to read, but this audiobook experience can provide a lot as compared to reading as it also provides a proper scenario in the mind of the audio listener.

Download and Listen Free

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