If you have not listened to To Kill A Mockingbird Audiobook by Harper Lee, you need to make haste because you will be missing out on some crucial adventure stories. It is classic American literature complete with appropriate introductory music fading in and out.

The narration is enjoyable thanks to the incorporation of different voicings for the characters in the story.

The Plot of To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird Audiobook free by Harper Lee
To Kill A Mockingbird Audiobook free by Harper Lee

To Kill A Mockingbird Audiobook begins in the small town in the deep south where the ancient culture of inclusion, community work, prejudice, and kindness define the people. It is in the 1930s during the depression-recovery times. A little six-year-old girl named Scout is the center of attraction together with her elder brother, Jem. She takes to the town and recounts her childhood memories and adventures.

We follow the story from her point of view. Among the highlights of her endeavors is the trial of Tom Robinson. This was a man of African American descent, who was falsely accused of raping a white woman. Atticus, the lawyer with the impossible responsibility defending Tom is Scout’s father. This causes controversy and debate in the city for a long time during and after the court sessions.

Another emerging issue is early evidence of abuse through Boo’s testimony. Boo’s father abused him emotionally affecting his psychological growth. He joined a gang in the streets and quickly got into the wrongs side of the law. His father was so ashamed of him that he isolated him from society and into seclusion, which was similar to house imprisonment. For many years, he remained out of sight and reach from his friends. This is a traditional mode of punishment, which worked effectively but affected the children immensely.

The narrator possesses the best accent for the setting of the story in the South making it easy to listen and relate with the origin.

About the Narrator

Perhaps what makes To Kill a Mockingbird audiobook most delightful is the narration. The narrator was perfect in her accent from the Southern. It is fluid and exciting to listen you will want to have more of her. It takes a special talent to pull off this character and switch between voices.

You will easily visualize the six-year-old speaking and immediately turn to focus on a 50-year old. This natural transition is respectable for the narrator because it brings out the overall theme of the story and the feel of this early 20th-century setting. The listener will quickly relate to the early times of America’s worst economic times and the political environment of the time.


To Kill A Mockingbird Audiobook download free
To Kill A Mockingbird Audiobook download free

You will love To Kill a Mockingbird audiobook story because of how easy it is to relate to the characters. You will find a better understanding and relationship with their personality early enough before traveling with them into their story. This audiobook will also help you grasp the practicality of the 1930s. If you missed something in history, you will get detail here.


What makes the To Kill a Mockingbird audiobook convenient and relevant is the abundance of themes incorporated. For example, racial bias is a big issue here and at this time. Although it is the same country, there are a lot of differences between then and now.

Moreover, it is the poorest time in history and surviving requires hard work. The people develop weird competitive tactics to fight for survival and thrive.

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