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Torchwood Audiobook
Torchwood Audiobook

The Torchwood Audiobook series tells us several things about different races as the adventures are all related to different races. The themes are also plenty which includes human corruption, bisexuality, and existentialism as well which is quite an interesting thing to see in stories that are supposed to be full of fights and actions all the time but it’s nice to see that the series has something more to it that makes it more interesting for the listener.

The main creator of the series is Russell T Davies. Who has also revived Doctor Who – Target Imprint Television Novelizations – Various Authors.

This series is mainly about a team who is always on a mission to hunt aliens and deal with everything that is extraterrestrial in nature. Jack Harkness the captain of the team also is a bit different form ordinary human as he is immortal which means that he does not die or age at all which proves to be his main strength. The team not only tries to save the planet from any alien invasion but it also protects the planet from any internal threat related to human beings if it appear anywhere. There is plenty of action throughout the four parts of the series and the climax always falls with an epic fight between the torchwood team and the enemy whoever it is whether alien or a group of humans.

The main characters of the team do not remain the same in all the four parts there is a shuffling in the main characters in the third and the fourth part but it does not have a negative impact on the intensity of the story.

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