Trapping Zero Audiobook by Jack Mars

Trapping Zero Audiobook Free Download by Jack Mars
Trapping Zero Audiobook Free Download by Jack Mars

It’s always tough for a soldier to select between family and land as both are dear to him. The undercover agent of Jack Mars also finds himself in a similar state where he has to choose between the two things that he loves the most. The fourth part starts with the return of his daughters in his life who were abducted in the previous part . And now he wants to spend some time with them.

Kent also shows his readiness for surgery even so that he can get the old memories back and then perhaps can rest a little after that. But times are never sweet for our agent zero.

He is called for another mission because the state is under threat this time after the news of the destruction of the US embassy. Though willing to give some time to his family he has to go for the affairs of the state.

A mission that proves to be one of a kind for him as it utilizes all his skills and connections at the same time. One thing is good to see that his relations with the CIA are back to normal and he is not considered as a rogue that he appeared to be in the previous part. Although he proves to be in a better condition as compared to the previous parts like where he was running behind his old memories and then for his daughters.

This time he is more compact and focused the original agent zero at his full strength. We are dealing with a change in narrator for this volume which seems a bit tough at the start but Brian Callanan takes the charge well and keeps the energy alive.

By: Jack Mars
Narrated by: Brian Callanan
Series: An Agent Zero Spy Thriller, Book 4
Length: 11 hrs and 3 mins
Categories: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

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