Uncaged Audiobook by John Sandford

Uncaged Audiobook Free Download by John Sandford
Uncaged Audiobook Free Download by John Sandford

The brilliant series by the two masterminds in writing thrillers John Sandford and Michele Cook starts in an enthusiastic way, the presentation of the characters and the plot is so promising that we as listeners are bound to hope for the next part after ending the first one. The girl with some hidden qualities is what the story is really about in appearance but the story has some connections with certain government experiments that do not seem appropriate to the general public.

Shay Remby wants to meet her brother at any cost, whether she has to take the life of the one who is acting as a barrier in her path, her brother appears to be a common low profiled hacker who finds certain lab equipment and flash drives that contain data he should never have touched by now Odin is on a run from the Singular’s security team that is one his tail and death is what will result when they catch him.

Shay a girl with 58 dollars in her pocket along with a handmade knife has other plans. Shay is not a town girl with a meek or weak nature she has the skills to tackle such kind of situations and she is bound to help her brother in the time of distress. The characters wonderfully evolve in the story also the love of family is highlighted a lot, a thing that is not often seen in other of the writer’s works like and where the family is not a primary motive.

In this tale however, saving the family member is the only task that Shay has given herself. Tara Sands depicts Shay’s personality through narration in the most suitable way and the narration makes it easy for us to understand the psychological condition of the girl as well who has a threat of losing her brother forever.

By: John Sandford, Michele Cook
Narrated by: Tara Sands
Series: The Singular Menace, Book 1
Length: 11 hrs and 43 mins
Categories: Teen & Young Adult, Health, Lifestyle & Relationships

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