Under the Cold Bright Lights Audiobook by Garry Disher

Under the Cold Bright Lights Audiobook Free
Under the Cold Bright Lights Audiobook Free

This is a great thrilling, mystery-filled story written by Garry Disher who has created a character Alan Ahul who takes into account all the mysteries and murder lost in the time. The story captures the events that the detective has taken to make sure they get solved as based on the true cause.

He is engaged in solving mysteries and murder where he will be finding more about the deaths people have considered as natural but he will find if they were natural or in reality, they have been murdered by someone unknown.

Listeners can enjoy the excellent narration done by Douglas Hansell who has given the voice that actually creates sensation and gives life to the characters and events that are hidden and the detective solves the mystery behind the murders who have been ignored in the past.

The story describes the events that happened under the cold conditions where no one knows the truth behind the happenings and the realities that led to the murders and death at the time when the truth was hidden.

The detective is now facing, finding, and unleashing the truth for the cases that have been unresolved the right way. You may also like the way the story continues and how the person solves the mysteries behind each of the case and the deaths he is concerned about.

You may also listen to the Dragon Man, Signal Loss, Chain of Evidence if you have enjoyed this thrilling mystery novel that would give you some chilling moments to feel about the murders, death and the various event that lead to unsolving the mysteries behind them.

Though the story relates to the many events it still keeps you intact till the end so that you can have the best indulging experience as you go through it.

By: Garry Disher
Narrated by: Douglas Hansell
Length: 8 hrs and 25 mins
Categories: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Crime Fiction

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