UR Audiobook By Stephen King

The movement of the story between different worlds and dimension is King’s greatest strength that is once again revealed to its maximum limits in the story. The addition of modern technology is also discussed but not at large. The story tells us about e-books but that e-book quickly transforms into a horrible nightmare of King’s creation.

The story is related to The Dark Tower I and It. The gloomy scene reminds us of these old tales and we recount the elements in these tales once again. It appears as if King wants us to remember these stories once again. He wants us to revisit that jungle of his mind again and again so that we can have more fun in it.  The scientific tool is very beautifully used to grip the attention of those who are frequent users of such things.

UR Audiobook Free Download
UR Audiobook Free Download

We start listening to the story at the start as we are attracted toward the demonstration of modern technology and its misuse or overuse. A few steps further we come to know that our expectations were incorrect but till then we feel so entangled in the e-book that could tell the future that we are not willing to leave it until the very end of the story.  The narration quality is also quite good. The length of the story is a bit short if it is compared with King’s usual work and thus can be easily enjoyed if you a left with a short span for recreation.

Download and listen

UR Audiobook Free written by Stephen King is actually narrated by Holter Graham. Its duration is 2 hrs and 20 mins. It’s a high-quality audiobook after all.

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