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Winter’s Heart Audiobook is an amazing fantasy novel and is the ninth in series of The Wheel of Time. The time when it published, it was that good that it got the number one position in the best seller section of fiction in the New York Times. Basically, the name refers to the cold personality of the specific character whose name is Rand al’Thor and also refer to the winter’s return. The winter basically also refers here, due to the reason of heat which was unnatural and was brought up in the previous novel, The Path of Daggers. This was also the first novel in The Wheel of Time series whose prologue was also published before the book itself got published. The prologue was named as Snow.

The audio listeners and as well as the readers of this specific novel, Winter’s Heart liked it a lot. Especially, the audio listeners liked the Winter’s Heart audiobook free a lot due to its amazing sound effects as well as due to the variety of different voices at different stages of the story as the story unfolds.

Winter's Heart Audiobook Free Download - TWOT 9
Winter’s Heart Audiobook Free Download – TWOT 9

Audiobook Review

The review that this book, Winter’s Heart, received was also quite positive. The audience loved the author to work. Not only that, but the audience also loved the narrators work as well. The narrator added an amazing touch to the story which provides a quiet satisfaction that only an audio listener can understand, and they loved it. They loved how the narrators narrated this amazing story, Winter’s Heart of the Wheel of Time, and made it more amazing. Along with this, they also got to love the amazing sound effects provide to this amazing novel and as well as the voices at different stages in the story as the story moves forward and unfold.

Any audio listener can listen to its winter’s heart audiobook mp3 easily. And if you have not heard any audiobook before then, you should. You will get to know about it and get an amazing experience of the story.

The Narrator

There are two marvelous narrators of this magnificent book, Winter’s Heart, Michael Kramer, and Kate Reading. Both are experts and experienced in their fields. Michael Kramer has narrated a lot of audiobooks. Also, Kate Reading has won a variety of awards in this field as well. The audience loved their work a lot as well. Same is the case with this novel, Winter’s Heart, they loved it and was in awe with the audiobook experience of the story. The Winter’s Heart audiobook download is easily available to have in case you want to get the amazing experience of these narrators amazing skills and to enjoy the story as well.


The magnificent author of this amazing book is Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan is just the pen name of his. The real name of this marvelous writer is James Oliver Rigney Jr. He was also used to consider as an author of amazing epic fantasies. The most famous work of his is this The Wheel of Time series which includes the Winter’s Heart as well and considered of 14 different novels including this one. Along with this, there is also a prequel, too. One of the amazing facts about him is that he wrote some international thriller that is still supposed to be written by someone else.

Download and listen

The wheel of time Book 9 written by Robert Jordan is in actually narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading; the book is a part of the series of the wheel of time free audiobook. Its duration is 24 hrs and 12 mins. It’s a high-quality audiobook after all.

You can download and listen full free to The wheel of time: Winter’s Heart Audiobook Online Streaming by Robert Jordan here:

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I extremely encourage you to buy the original book to support the authors and enjoy the highest quality books.


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